2nd & 3rd December, 2020 | Tralee

2 Days / 20 Talks
19 Speakers / 100+ Professionals


About eCS?

We have been working in e-Commerce for nearly 15 years with multinational and start up companies alike. We have a huge range of experience.

As a group of consultants, we have seen first hand the frustrations and challenges that e-Commerce has created. We have also been pivotal in some success stories, eBay, MicksGarage and more.

Key problems on this island specifically are

  • A lack of education professionally and for students
  • A lack of community outside Dublin
  • A misconception of what e-Commerce is and its broad capabilities
  • Mis-sold or overpromised results and disillusionment
  • We do not like to pay for expertise

We are experiencing shifting economic and technological changes like never before. The speed of these changes too is resulting in fear on decision making and investment. We aim to change that.

This inaugural conference has clear-medium term goal to achieve the following:

  • Provide knowledge and training on the present and future state of business
  • Remove the expression "e-Commerce" from our terminology over 3 years. It should be viewed as the application of technology to business strategy instead.
  • Build an open, trusted community of traders, service providers and experts with the aim of becoming a vibrant trading community
  • Build a collective vision for international trade for Irish business
  • Establish commercial relationships with global marketplaces
  • Decentralize the knowledge outside of our capital.

Tralee is the venue and will be the home of this project for the foreseeable future. It boasts an IT transitioning to university status this year that will be the bedrock for future talent development. It will become a thought leadership centre where real innovation thrives. As a place, Tralee is the gateway into Ireland and the county of Kerry, known as "The Kingdom". As a place to visit for business partners, it offers a unique, multi-faceted venue where surfing, hiking, biking and more are all a stone's throw away. For people who no longer want to work in the cities or abroad, we want to align with other strong programmes and make it viable to work from a place where work/life balance comes as standard. And for the first time ever, we want to be driven by the “power or possibility” that any skilled job, company or opportunity can achieve its potential from our patch of turf. Join us at the e-Commerce summit to taste it for yourself.